Welcome to DADWAY

Message from the President

Kimihiko Shiratori

At DADWAY, Inc. our business is based on the principle of creating products and projects that help fathers enjoy raising their children while actively promoting paternal involvement in child rearing.

DADWAY was founded in 1992.  In those days, Japanese people took it for granted that women had to take care of their children.   I, however, voluntarily created many opportunities to get to know my children better by taking them out to see nature shortly after their birth, and to enjoy outdoor activities such as camping together.  Child rearing is a back-breaking job and requires a great deal of patience.   But I have become fully aware as father that the joy and fulfillment that came with it offset the hard times while providing me with a perfect opportunity to grow up.  I thought, "Child rearing is too rewarding to be experienced only by mothers, I want to keep contributing to the wonderful task of child rearing" and founded this company.  Since then we have explored useful and adorable baby gear that are popular among world's father and mother.  We have also sought educational toys that help children learn from all over the world, and introduced them to parents in Japan while also creating our own child rearing products.  On this occasion, I'm proud to announce that our unique DADWAY brand products are available for purchase by our customers abroad.  We hope to deliver our Japanese-designed durable, safe and "kawaii" child rearing products to as many families as possible.  At DADWAY, we implement our business activities as we keep in mind an idea that Rachel Carson* advocated in one of her books entitled, The Sense of Wonder: to retain great human sensibility of appreciating the mysteries of nature.  Let's fill the earth, our precious planet, with families with happy smiles.

*Rachel Louise Carson (1907-1964): American marine biologist and nature writer.

Kimihiko Shiratori
Representative Director and President,