our history


Kimihiko and Yukiko Shiratori launches the DADWAY project based on their idea of supporting paternal involvement in child rearing, They create trial models of the “Two-way Baby Holder” and “Choi-nose (easy-to-mount) Waist Pouch.”


On October 1, DADWAY INC. is established. The company takes the first step as a manufacturer of child rearing products by opening an office in Sugeta-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, where 27 items are initially sold.

Kosmo Corporation, located in the USA in SoltLake City, Utah begins to operate as DADWAY's overseas branch.


DADWAY begins distributing tonga baby carriers manufactured by FILT, a French company. This product becomes DADWAY's super best seller.

"Sierra Stove” and “Bottle Harness”, of the Noasobi (outdoor recreation) line are launched.


DADWAY introduces fleece products to the Japanese baby product market by commencing distribution of “Fleece” manufactured by Baby Bag.

“Father Bag” is introduced to consumers through the Tsuhan Seikatsu, a mail-order catalog published by Catalog House.


DADWAY begins distributing “Baby Chair” manufactured by Cherry Tree. This product was the first ultraviolet protective baby product sold in Japan.

The company also begins distributing a multi-purpose folding shovel by. This product became a topic of conversation when it was purchased for use by the NATO military.


DADWAY develops "Two-way System Tote" jointly with KIVA Designs, followed by the “Three-way” and the “Four-way” models.

A parent-child outdoor event sponsored by DADWAY is held at the Takashimaya Department Store in Tamagawa, setagaya ward, Tokyo.


DADWAY begins distributing “Reflector Suit” manufactured by Illuminite.

A social event related to child rearing in Japan: A TV commercial of Honda Motor's step wagon entitled, “Where Shall I Go with My Kids?” causes a sensation.


A social event related to child rearing in Japan: The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan publishes a public service announcement poster with the printed message, “Men who do not participate in child rearing are not called fathers” printed on it. SAM, a popular Japanese male dancer, appears for the poster. At that time, he was married to a famous female Japanese pop singer, with whom he had a child.


DADWAY originally develops and launches “Shell Jump Suit.” A social event related to child rearing in Japan: The Equal Employment Opportunity Law (1985) takes effect as amended. The Child-Rearing and Nursing Care Leave Law is amended.


“Seat 2 Go” is launched, introducing a new way of “strolling with your children.”


DADWAY enters into an official agency agreement with Sassy Inc.

Sassy makes its debut in Japan in the baby clothes and goods magazine, Akasugu published by RECRUIT CO., LTD. and receives massive response.


DADWAY celebrates its 10th anniversary.


DADWAY begins producing its original baby products called Art series.

The company also launches a full-scale entry into the Japanese stroller market with the distribution of the baby buggy, "MICRALITE" from England.


DADWAY enters into the pet industry by introducing distribution of the Petstages products.

The company's main office relocates to Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City and opens a show room.


DADWAY expands the office space along with the business growth.


“The Art Series” is changed and renamed to “Solby”, DADWAY's private label.

dapipa, the collaborative brand developed with 9brand is launched.


DADWAY celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Direct management store launched.

The Osaka Sales Office opens in Suita City.

DADWAY and Yokohama’s Naka Ward join hands in promoting support for child rearing.


New series “BLACK & WHITE” by Sassy make their debut in Japan.

1st time exhibition at overseas trade show, ABC KidsExpo in lasvegas and DADWAY begins distributing NUK from Germany to support breastfeeding.

The Ergobaby baby carriers have received several Awards in Japan. (Mothers selection award, Parenting award)
Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. And DADWAY start collaborating to produce child playroom.


Direct management stores open after another in Metropolitan area.

Ergobaby baby carriers received KIDS Design Award in 2010.

Pet division of DADWAY begins distributing the LANCO products from Spain.

Yokohama City “Papa school project” is entrusted. Website “Yokohama daddy” starts, which DADWAY takes a part in.


DADWAY collaborates with Shogakukan academy to develope App for baby is launched.

New series “PINK RIBBON” by tonga and began to support of activity “Pink ribbon” that enlightens importance of earlier detection by medical examination of breast cancer.

DADWAY begins distributing OXO Tot from NY.

The 1st Japan limited color carrier of Ergobaby khaki is launched.

Sassy marks its 10 year in the Japan market.


Osaka Branch office moves (Mar)

DADWAY celebrates its 20th anniversary.

DADWAY begins distributing “SKIP HOP” from Brooklyn, Newyork.

DADWAY starts its own logistics operation shifted from 3PL.


Original apparel brand DADWAY Apparel is launched.

DADWAY receives the “Yokohama Good Balance” bronze award as being recognized among small and medium-sized enterprises which offer a flexible and child rearing-friendly work environment. It is the 3rd time receiving the award followed by the year 2008 and 2009.


DADWAY starts distributing a variety of new brands and products, such as “ADAGIO LANE” Multi-nursing Scarf, and European premium toys like “Kaloo”, “Liliputiens” and more.

DADWAY hosts the DADWAY YOKOHAMA FAMILY CARNIVAL event at Minato Mirai, Yokohama.

New concept shop “LIFE-AID Grand Tree Musashikosugi” opens in Kawasaki.

“Ergobaby360” baby carrier is awarded the GOOD DESIGN prize.


DADWAY receives the Gender Equality Contribution Promotion Award and the 4th time Yokohama Good Balance award.

New style shop produced: kodomonia! SHOP BY DADWAY in Osaka(March)

Original textile brand "D BY DADWAY" is released and La Fuente concept shop


Indoor playground open: DADWAY PLAYSTUIDO

New style store open : DADWAY LIFE DISCOVERY

"Ergobaby ADAPT" baby carrier is awarded the GOOD DESIGN prize.

DADWAY begins distributing "munchkin" products from L.A.


DADWAY receives “Yokohama Certification for Health Management” class-AA.

DADWAY starts distributing “mifold" "MOOMIN BABY" and "GLOBBER” “SAUTHON” “Janod” from France.

“Ergobaby OMNI360” baby carrier is awarded the GOOD DESIGN prize.

DADWAY celebrates its 25th anniversary.


DADWAY Holdings, INC. is established.

DADWAY starts distributing "tegu" "elou" and "Maman va être Jalouse" "sticky lemon".

Ergobaby marks its 10 year in the Japan market.